Quantum photonics, materials, and computing

In the quest to develop platforms for quantum sensing, communications, and computing, Birck is exploring quantum materials discovery, quantum electronics, and quantum photonics. We have expertise in a broad range of quantum materials development, including topological insulators and correlated electron systems, low-dimensional materials such as graphene and hBN, quantum dots, semiconductors/superconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and color centers in diamond. Our researchers also develop new nanostructures and artificially engineered materials (metamaterials) that have unique properties and functionalities. In these materials, Birck experts are manipulating quantum effects such as coherence and entanglement to create new electronic and photonic properties unattainable in naturally occurring materials. Brick’s quantum research and development efforts have the potential to yield more sensitive detectors, faster computing speeds, and secure global communications. The impacts of quantum technologies cannot be overstated, with applications in defense, intelligence, financial security, and computing, among others. Birck researchers are pushing the boundaries of the field, innovating new technologies that that are building the foundations of practical quantum devices.