Partner with Us

At the Birck Nanotechnology Center we have a number of different ways in which non-Purdue users may access our fabrication facilities and analytical capabilities.  We have a state-of-the-art cleanroom in which we have semiconductor processes that create novel devices and materials at the micro- and nano-scale.  We also have an extensive analytical capability in our laboratories with which we characterize the electrical, mechanical, and physical properties of materials and devices. 

 There are several ways for external companies and universities to work with us at the Birck center: 

  • Your scientists/engineers use our facilities and equipment. 
    • Your technical staff member receives general Birck training, and specific equipment training, and you pay for his/her time to access our facilities and equipment.
  • Our engineers work with your technical team to define a project, and we then fabricate and/or test the new device made in our cleanroom by our technical staff. 
    • We bill for our engineering staff time and equipment time.
  • You submit your samples to us for analysis and characterization by our technical staff. 
    • We provide a summary report of the findings, and we bill for our engineering/scientific staff time and equipment time.
  • You work with a specific faculty member to define a longer-term project and then sponsor a graduate student to develop the project for you. 
    • Specific arrangements are tailored to each individual project between the faculty member and the partnering company.

We would be pleased to discuss these options in more detail with you. 

For fabrication inquiries: 
Ron Reger  
Engineering Manager 
Birck Nanotechnology Center 
(765) 494-6667 

For characterization inquiries: 
Neil Dilley 
Research Manager 
Birck Nanotechnology Center 
(765) 496-6080